Tours Montenegro Ostrog Monastery

Tours Montenegro Ostrog Monastery

Monastery Ostrog (17th century), a miracle build by nature and human interactions, carved almost in its entirety in a vertical mountain cliff on 900m, is today the pearl of Montenegrin spiritualism that is annually visited by more than a hundred thousand pilgrims from around the world and of all religions.

It is one of three most visited Christian destinations on the planet with its cave-like chapel and monastery complex that preserves the sacrilege of Saint Basil the Orthodox Saint of Miracles.

All of Montenegrin spiritualism, belief and cultural treasures found their home high up in the Ostrog cliffs. This destination which will take your breath away will fill your soul with elevated feelings of love toward God. Monastery is placed in between Podgorica and Niksić in central part of Montenegro.

The tour includes transfers from your accommodation to Ostrog Monestery, 2.5 full hours of time to visit the Monastery and see everything that this historic attraction has to offer, allowing for as many stops as you wish, giving you plenty of time to take photographs.

Duration and price:

Chauffeur Driven Tour up to 8 persons up to 16 persons Tour duration
From Podgorica to Ostrog Monastery 140 € 180 € 5 hours
From Budva to Ostrog Monastery 160 € 200 € 6 hours
From Kotor to Ostrog Monastery 200 € 240 € 7 hours

This price are per vehicle and includes your return transfer and waiting time up to 2.5 hours, bottled water, printed materials